I am a Research Fellow & group leader at the freshly minted Living Systems Institute, situated within the scenic surroundings of the University of Exeter. In our lab, we are studying the motility and dynamical behaviour of remarkable organelles called cilia and flagella. We work at the interface of physics, mathematics and biology, seeking to combine and develop novel interdisciplinary methods to provide new insight into the origins, control, and mutability of life at the microscale.


Prior to joining the University of Exeter I spent many years at the University of Cambridge, where I obtained my undergraduate and masters degrees, and subsequently my PhD from the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) under the supervision of Professor Raymond E. Goldstein FRS. This was followed by a period of postdoctoral research in the same lab, during which I was also awarded a Thomas Nevile Junior Research Fellowship from Magdalene College.funders


We have just been awarded an ERC Starting Grant for the project EvoMotion.
Positions available! see this page or contact me for details.